I have been painting since the last 25 year. The medium I have been working on is rice paper on canvas. I feel the medium has a great effect on the texture. It appears as the though water colors, ink and mixed media used are sucked into the rice paper giving depth and transparency to the paintings. I use squares to make it appear earthly.

         Over the years I have moved from brighter to lighter colors from gross to subtle aspects of paintings.

         The scriptural writing from Sanskrit or  AUM forms an integral part of my work,  AUM is the primordial sound from  which the whole universe has been created .

         My art is reflective above the systems and cycles that are fundamental to our lives. I find that we tend to organize our ideas and behavior into systems that are known as patterns. The patterns I use in my art reflects my perceptions of the course of my life as well as human behavior. These patterns are often used upon simple geometric forms and structures.

              Circles, squares, spirals, lines etc. are so basic. They frequently show up in my artwork. I use them to create rhythm. Itís the play between rhythms and ideas that interest me. By using these basic elements I am able to create an art that builds a framework of my ideas.

            Over the years the patterns I have used have evolved considerably. I now approach patterns almost like I approach colors.  I search for the right match to the form. I am more concerned with the rhythms of the painting.

           My focus has always been abstract art. I am attracted to its total freedom of formulation. Abstract takes more than seeing Ė its takes contemplation. To see beyond what is seen.

            Itís amazing to note how you invent yourself with each new body of work. I want the work to be in a state of becoming, to be open to receive the unexpected.


  V  A  R  T  A  N


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